Female Sexual Dysfunction Case 1

This case is about a 24 year old female from Sierra Leone who had her genitals mutilated when she was 13. As a result sexual arousal and achieving an orgasm became a problem in her love life with her new husband. She and her husband had no idea if hypnosis could help, and they were referred to consult with me as I regularly work with people who have sexual issues.

Their consultation was by Skype as they were several thousand miles away. During the consultation we concluded that two issues needed to be addressed. The first being any trauma and emotional fallout from getting her clitoris cut off, and secondly to heighten sexual sensitivity so that she could achieve an orgasm. In this case clinical hypnotherapy was the best possible method to deal with this. At this point they agreed to give it a try as it was clearly better than doing nothing.

The therapy was conducted by Skype as there was no real need to travel to see me. As long as the connection quality was good, this type of therapy did not require an in person visit. Also as the second part of this therapy involved direct interaction from her husband, he needed to understand how to get her sexually aroused.

The first part of the therapy was straight forward and was treated like any traumatic experience that involved loss of a body part. Getting past the anger and frustration that this sexual mutilation was done by her family was the most difficult. She felt that if she could not feel safe with her family, where could she possibly go. She felt alone in the world as she could only trust herself and had growing trust in her new husband although not complete.

This part of the therapy progressed quickly as clinical hypnotherapy works about 4 times faster than a cognitive approach. The focus was to have her completely trust her husband during sexual activities. Expanding trust beyond the bed would take a bit more time but she did not mind going slow and doing it on her own.

During the second part of the therapy, I took her through the sexual anatomy of the human body,  and helped her to understand that a woman’s clitoris is only a focal point. I explained that when a person is sexually aroused their entire body is sensitive, although many people don’t take the time to recognize this. I also explained to her that in men who suffer from premature ejaculation they often have accidently let their mind make them more sexually sensitive as a result of some rogue suggestion they processed. I also explained that the human mind can also turn down sensitivity, and she was aware of this from personal experience.

Once we got to this point the rest was very easy. The hypnotic suggestions were based on making her skin more sexually sensitive and to let that sensitivity ramp up very quickly during foreplay. Once she had achieved a high level of sexual arousal and her entire body was extremely sensitive, she could focus on having a vaginal orgasm as she was so much closer to orgasm before intercourse started.