Changing trend for smokers

It goes without saying that hypnotherapists help people stop smoking, and I can say I have helped my fair share of them over the years. In the past many had come to me already suffering health effects from smoking including erectile dysfunction, skin that just won’t heal properly and assorted smoking related health problems ranging from cancer to organs just not working as they should. But now there is a change in the primary reason people want to stop smoking.

For the most part around 2000 smoking went from being socially acceptable to being socially tolerated. Then around 2010 smoking went from being socially tolerated to being socially unacceptable. So for the first time ever, I now have more people wanting to stop smoking for social reasons and not for health reasons.

Some of my former clients have told me that places that allow smoking outside the venue are lower quality venues. Once they stopped smoking a lot of things improved socially in their lives. The upper quality venues simply don’t allow smoking, be they shows, upscale restaurants or whatever. Because of that, smokers would just avoid them and miss out on what the venue had to offer. This also means that the chance of meeting, connecting and networking with someone who could provide means for self advancement in all aspects of life is greater where smokers don’t venture.

The clients coming to me now who want to stop smoking are starting to be shunned more and more by society. With the exception of a few places on the planet, the percentage of smokers is now in the low teens on average with 20% being seen as exceptionally high. So there is no wonder why I am seeing the trend.

More than a few were asked in job interviews if they smoke or not. So it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why that question is being asked. Companies simply do not want smokers around for more than a few reasons. Off the top they are less productive and they also stink would be a fair guess as to the top reasons why screening for smokers is happening at job interviews.

So I thought this was worth a mention, and now that I have started this blog, I felt this was a good place to point this trend out to smokers and others.