Using sex novelty hypnosis as therapy for Multiple sclerosis Case 1

To date this is a one off application of sex enhancement hypnosis as therapy to slow the advancement of Multiple sclerosis. This was something I neither marketed nor considered as actual therapy, however I was asked to do it. As I saw nothing negative about it and did understand the potential benefits, I agreed to the request. This is also the first mention of this case anyplace.

The road to this request requires a bit of explanation, and that road started five years earlier. As dealing with sexual issues is one of my core areas, I provide some novelty hypnosis to enhance the sex lives of people who request it. Most of those people have a high libido and sex is a significant percentage of their lives.

As it would be I had a newlywed couple contact me about enhancing their sex with each other. They would have sex at least one time a day and wanted to increase the level of pleasure. What they wanted was to use hypnosis to increase the intensity of an orgasm without producing premature ejaculation in him, and to have long rolling high intensity multiple orgasms for her.

Fortunately this is easy for me to do as I can target just the orgasm and not impact sensitivity leading up to the orgasm. This is almost opposite of what I do for premature ejaculation where I give the person the ability to self-regulate their sensitivity so they can choose when they want to orgasm.

The effect of orgasms enhanced with hypnosis often leaves the person unable to function for several minutes as the intense pleasure overwhelms their entire body. Desire not to even move and enjoy the pleasure is the typical experience until the orgasm subsides.

As sex was such a big part of this couple’s lives, they were not shy about having frank discussions with people about sex. One of those people was the 37 year old woman who had approached me on this. As I had not heard from this couple in five years it was good to know things were still going strong with them.

So here I was facing this women looking to reduce her negative emotions that tends to cause Multiple sclerosis to get worse, and replace that with positive emotions that would slow or stop the progress. At that time, that was the common understanding of how emotions impacted Multiple sclerosis. She was still able to walk without assistance but admitted that some mornings her legs were not on line.

She indicated that there was some loss of sensitivity during sex, but it was not significant. She described it as being similar to having sex too long and becoming desensitized. She could still have orgasms during sex, but she really had to focus on it. I asked her to provide her medical records so I could review them, and she complied with the request.

She indicated that her normal libido was two to three times a week, and she wanted to increase that to be more like her friend’s shooting for daily. This proved to be an interesting challenge as libido is more a function of hormones and not so much of giving a hypnotic suggestion. Some modification is easy, but doubling desire was a place I have not gone yet in my practice. I would have to rely on increased pleasure to be an addictive draw. I asked her if her husband was up to the task, and she jokingly replied she knew of some little blue diamond shaped pills that may find a new home in the bedroom.

As to insure therapy had the most impact, I wanted her to have sex with her husband immediately after therapy. The effect of hypnosis fades over time and in this case I wanted it to be as potent as it could be so it would set in and be permanent. To insure this her appointments were scheduled to accommodate her husband’s availability.

This would not be the typical client for this type of hypnosis. In this case I had to deal with conflicting emotions caused by Multiple sclerosis along with all the other fallout from the condition. I needed to find that spot in her subconscious that was all about sex and desire while shutting everything else completely out.

To understand that, I needed to know about some of her most intimate sexual desires to stir her fantasies. This is not typical to ask, but as this was a first time for me, I wanted to cover all the bases. At first I thought it would be difficult for her to open up, but she said she learned a lot about sexual openness from her friends who referred her to me.

Unknowing how long this would take we agreed to leave things open ended as to the number of sessions and frequency. I conducted the first induction and took her down to deep somnambulism to judge her reaction to the suggestions. I was looking to create sexual excitement and anticipation about next sex with her husband. I also wanted her to be more aware of sexuality around her being in how people dress, sex in advertising and so on to keep her thinking about sex more than her normal.

In subsequent sessions she was much more comfortable with me as any fears she had about me were unfounded. It was discovered that weekly sessions were adequate but they needed to be a bit longer than the typical one hour. Some sessions were 75 minutes and others were 90 minutes. During those sessions I also restored some of her sexual sensitivity in her vagina and clitoris and made her skin more aroused during sex too.

After one month she was having sex five times a week and after six weeks she was up to six times a week. I am sure after another few weeks she would be up to daily sex, however the limiting factor was her husband’s endurance.

After therapy ended she was happy with the results and came back at my request after six months so I could evaluate her. There was no intended charge for the evaluation but she did ask for a booster session at that time, and I was more than happy to do that session for her. She indicated she felt the progress of Multiple sclerosis was slowed as a result of having more sex but there was no real tracking done. I also noted that her taste in clothing changed to be a bit more sexually provocative. This was an unexpected change on a subconscious level, but there were no complaints from anyone on that.

The reason I decided to write about this is I wanted to make people aware of this and that I will be accepting people on a case by case basis. I don’t particularly know if this would be classified as therapy, but as it did move things in the desired direction, I will let you be the judge of that.