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The why is simple. Many people still just don’t know about clinical hypnotherapy and what it can do. As a result people often go without getting help based on fears of the unknown and some scary story told by someone who has zero qualifications and thus zero knowledge in the field of hypnosis.

With clinical hypnotherapy and medical hypnotherapy moving into the mainstream of options, those scarey stories don’t have a place in today’s understanding of the power of the human mind.

Over the years I have literally helped thousands of people. They all came to me looking for help from all corners of the world and with just about every cultural upbringing you can possibly imagine. Some of them had very basic problems, some had interesting rare issues, and some had stories worthy of a Stephen King novel. Several came to me because of my special areas of expertise in sexual issues, and others came for my cutting edge approach to new issues, and still others came from word of mouth from people who have come to me in the past who I helped have significant positive changes in their lives.

So while keeping these people anonymous to keep their privacy, blogging about their issues and how they were helped with clinical hypnotherapy provides you the reader some knowledge of just what clinical hypnotherapy can do and just how powerful it is. It will also help educate you to the wide range of things that clinical hypnotherapy can do. Hopefully this knowledge will let people know about their choices and get past those unfounded fears spread by the unknowing just looking to tease someone.

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