Panic Attack Case 1

This case is about a 34 year old woman from the United States. She was a victim of home invasion and physical assault in a botched burglary. The case had already gone to criminal court and the assailant was sentenced to 35 years in jail.

She had been seeking the help of a psychologist for several months to get over the trauma of the assault and home invasion. She was suffering debilitating panic attacks and was on the verge of losing her job because she had become a non functional employee. The psychologist was having little if any effect with dealing with the panic attacks.

As a result of this her social worker contacted me and explained the situation. She said she knew hypnosis helped with other people who had panic attacks, and she was really concerned about her client losing her job. So she made the appointment and I saw her first thing the next day.

Dealing with panic attacks requires first dealing with the panic attack itself. Once the panic attacks are neutralized, then just dealing with the underlying issues is all that is left. Stopping the panic attacks is easy and I would put the difficulty at 2 on a scale of 10. The method involves placing the affected person in a very deep hypnotic state with a deep relaxation induction. Then provide them with a means of instantly returning to the deep and profound relaxed state. I offer the hypnotic suggestion that they only need rub their fingers together to return to the calm peaceful state.

This effectively stops the panic attack in it’s tracks. It is like putting water on a fire. After nearly 5 months with a psychologist trying to control the panic attacks with little if any success, her panic attacks were under her control in 24 hours, and significantly under her control in 4 days.

Needless to say she quickly decided to stop seeing the psychologist and continue with clinical hypnotherapy until she could return to the state she had before the home invasion and assault. She continued with that direction and was back to her old self inside of a few months.