Using sex novelty hypnosis as therapy for Multiple sclerosis Case 1

To date this is a one off application of sex enhancement hypnosis as therapy to slow the advancement of Multiple sclerosis. This was something I neither marketed nor considered as actual therapy, however I was asked to do it. As I saw nothing negative about it and did understand the… Read more“Using sex novelty hypnosis as therapy for Multiple sclerosis Case 1”

TI Case 1

This case involved a 27 year old female from the USA. Dealing with people who feel they are a targeted individual (TI) requires a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and in some cases working in conjunction with a psychiatrist if medication is deemed necessary. A person who feels they… Read more“TI Case 1”

Female Sexual Dysfunction Case 4

This case involves a 22 year old female suffering from Vaginismus who was raised under a very strict Sharia law environment. Under Sharia law the death penalty is considered adequate punishment for sexual behavior outside of Sharia law guidelines. As a result, fear of religious punishment for having sex was… Read more“Female Sexual Dysfunction Case 4”

The amazing human brain and it’s ability to cure

This entry is not so much about hypnosis. This story is all about the subtle hints the human brain provides that clinical hypnotherapists see on a regular basis. What we observe and where it points is truly amazing. In a lot of ways, people that understand hypnosis are way ahead… Read more“The amazing human brain and it’s ability to cure”

Ending Antidepressants Case 1

This case involves a 33 year old female from the United States who after seeking me out for clinical hypnotherapy for the causing issues that placed her on antidepressants to begin with, discovered she no longer needed them once the cause issues were resolved. However due to the nature of… Read more“Ending Antidepressants Case 1”