Male Sexual Dysfunction Case 1

This case involves a 35 year old male from the United States that was suffering from premature ejaculation. This case was very different from the classic case of premature ejaculation. This case was rooted in emotional trauma and trust issues with his wife.

To date this case has been a one of a kind and when you consider the hundreds of men I have helped with premature ejaculation, that makes it about as rare is it gets. I have never seen another male that had similar causes. The classic case of premature ejaculation is based in the mind making the man hypersensitive to sexual contact that results in a premature and uncontrolled orgasm.

In this case the situation was as such. He had a very attractive wife who he loved dearly, however during an out of town business trip with her boss, her boss got her drunk and seduced her and ended up having sex with her. She would have never done this if she was sober, and when she got home she told her husband what happened.

Her husband was in shock that this could have happened as they had a loving and monogamous relationship. They kept no secrets from each other, and every issue they had they dealt with together as a couple. However what had happened broke that trust in his eyes. He felt that she was dirty for having been with another man.

As a result they were able to sort this out on a conscious and cognitive level and sought the help of a marriage counselor, however his subconscious mind still saw her as being dirty. So every time they had sex he would orgasm very quickly as he did not want to have prolonged sexual contact with her. Foreplay became non existent and intercourse lasted one minute at best. This went on for nearly 2 years and needless to say it was putting their marriage to the test, and it was at this time that he contacted me for help.

As this case was rooted in trust and his subconscious mind was the judge that had to be convinced, hypnosis was the most direct method. So seeing this was such a rare reason for premature ejaculation, there were no case histories I could reference and I found myself on the cutting edge in dealing with this.

We first approached this in a more classic method of reducing his physical sensitivity, and to be honest it had little or no effect because the problem was emotional and not physical. So from that point on we focused on forgiveness and understanding.

So in the following sessions it was treated more like trauma and not a sexual issue. Hypnotic suggestions portrayed his wife as a victim, and not an instigator. That eventually provided some movement in the right direction and foreplay was seeing improvement, however premature ejaculation saw minimal change.

From there the approach was changed slightly and I presented him with the thought that if your wife went to jail for this crime, how long would the sentence be. This would take into account other crimes and what the actual sentence time would be for those crimes. For example simple larceny may be 6 months to a year, passing a bad check may be about the same depending on the amount of money that was involved and so on.  So he concluded that 2 years was more than enough jail time for the crime of infidelity. So once that suggestion was planted into his subconscious mind and accepted, his premature ejaculation ended and his sexual performance returned to normal.