Male Sexual Dysfunction Case 3

This case involves a 36 year old male from the United States who was experiencing erectile dysfunction. This case itself is both complex and simple, as that the problem only appeared when his wife started behaving certain ways in bed. Outside of that he was fully capable of getting a full erection.

This case provides a very clear example of how much the mind plays a role in getting an erection and in this case his mind was 100% the culprit in causing the failed erections. Because of that a 100% improvement could be expected as there was no physical contributing problems such as permanent damage from smoking or disease.

In this case his erectile dysfunction was entirely contributed to his wife’s behavior in bed. She was a very religious person and had firm beliefs that some sexual behaviors were sinful and that she should not do them. This is despite those sexual behaviors being seen as perfectly normal and enjoyable by the vast majority of people worldwide. So the complex and easy part of this is I actually needed to see both of them as her behavior was the cause and he was generally more emotionally sensitive than most and that contributed to the effect.

Once he had convinced his wife that she should come to see me it became very obvious she saw herself in an unusually pure light and for lack of a better description, she was doing her best to be as saintlike as she could. She had her views about sex being only for procreation, and that any sex act that did not work towards that (being anything other than sexual intercourse) was some how a sin. Needless to say it became very obvious as to why her husband was having erection issues.

Her husband said she was not this way when they first got married, and she had only become this deeply involved in religion in the last several months and for the most part was obsessive about it.

So working with her I set about explaining that sex was all about nature and really had nothing to do with religion. I pointed out that each religion had different things to say about sex, and non of them matched. When I challenged her beliefs with logic about sex, marriage, and what was acceptable sexual behavior with a married couple and she could not answer them, she started citing verses from the Bible as if to chase away the devil.

I felt at this point that she needed help from another source that was more centered around her religion as I was now seen as the anti-Christ by her for suggesting sex is for more than procreation. So in this case I referred her out to a female counselor who dealt with religion and told her husband to be patient while she was undergoing counseling.

Some 3 months later he contacted me again and said his wife had seen some success in counseling and that he was able to get a partial erection with her. He wanted to come in and get a full erection back. After some discussion with him on the phone I agreed that I could help him however I would only be treating the effect and not the cause. He said this was fine as he felt he could bring his wife around the rest of the way with good sex. So he attended 3 sessions with me and by the end of the third session he had returned to what he saw as normal sexual performance.