The amazing human brain and it’s ability to cure

This entry is not so much about hypnosis. This story is all about the subtle hints the human brain provides that clinical hypnotherapists see on a regular basis. What we observe and where it points is truly amazing.

In a lot of ways, people that understand hypnosis are way ahead of the curve. For example hypnotists knew what the end results in the findings of driving while talking on your phone would reveal. We knew that because it mimics one of the several techniques hypnotists use. So instead of listening to us, they went ahead and spent some enormous amount of money to discover we did know what we were talking about. As it would be this template has played out many times with different things, and the end results have once again been known in advance by hypnotists.

But what I have to talk about is more about healing the body, and not distracting the mind. Based on what I have seen and some others who don’t understand hypnosis have seen as well, it seems that the human brain has the knowledge and ability to cure all that ails the body. To date I have not seen anything so far to suggest otherwise. So to expand on this, you need to understand that although the brain seems to have this ability to heal the body, in many cases it lacks the physical resources to make it happen. In other words it does not have the horsepower to pull it off.

Perhaps the most common example of this is when a person gives up on fighting whatever illness they have, their condition deteriorates quickly and they die. This is most commonly seen when a person is fighting cancer. However if they are willing to fight, they will live longer and perhaps even win the battle.

Another example of this is known as the placebo effect where people get better if they simply think they are getting real medicine. People that understand hypnosis once again know exactly what is going on and what the brain is doing.

In the example of Alzheimer’s disease, the brain works at countering the plaques buildup, but once again lacks the resources to make it happen. However to make this happen, if medical science can read what the brain is trying to do (like reading a compass) drugs can be developed based on the brain’s template. Once that happens, the brain will have all the horsepower it needs.

It is important to understand at this point when I say brain and mind. The brain is the organ in your head, the mind is a product of the brain. So in this case the mind can stimulate the brain to produce more of what it needs to do the job of fighting the ailment. If hypnosis is involved the entire process and end result becomes magnified.

So imagine if you would what potentials there are if medical hypnosis gets more involved in the research side of finding cures. The brain can be hyper stimulated with hypnosis to produce the chemical markers making them easier for scientists to spot. Once that happens they can get to work on making drugs that mimic what the brain told them to do thus cutting years off the research time. It is almost like being given the answers to a test.

This is one of the reasons why I am so excited about the potentials of hypnosis being applied in a broad spectrum of applications. Even as a clinical hypnotherapist, I know I am only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Based on the trends I am observing I can see hypnotherapy being front and center in so many applications beyond mental health and addictions.