Female Sexual Dysfunction Case 5

This case involves a 44 year old woman who lost the ability to orgasm. The condition came on suddenly after hysterectomy surgery three years prior to seeing me. This was having a negative impact on her relationship with her husband and their sex life. She no longer felt desire for sex as there simply were no physical rewards of having an orgasm. The driving force was her husband encouraging her to seek professional help and find a qualified professional who dealt with female sexual issues. I should point out that this was a Skype client living in the United States, and the need to see me in person was not needed.

Ironically about 1 in 3 women find it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm, and few if any know that hypnotherapy is a non-invasive and very effective option. In this case hypnosis has the ability to adjust physical sensitivity. In men premature ejaculation comes from being over sensitive, so hypnosis simply turns that sensitivity down. With that said, hypnosis can turn up the sensitivity as well for people who can’t achieve orgasm. From my perspective it is as easy as adjusting a thermostat on a wall.

In this case the woman could still feel sexual stimulation but as she described it, what was once a scream was now just a whisper in both vaginal and clitoris stimulation. It did not matter if she used a vibrator and she complained that the vibrator just made her numb before anything started to build.

In the first part of the therapy I did a standard discovery session to understand how she felt about the situation emotionally and any other things that were relevant. She expressed that before surgery she would enjoy sex about 4 times a week on average, and admitted that was a real challenge with two children. Each time she had sex she would orgasm between 1 and 3 times. She also said that her masturbation was regular as she would like to have sex daily but because of her children that was not an option.

I concluded that before surgery she would have roughly 15 orgasms a week. She jokingly said she had missed out on well over 1000 orgasms over 3 years and she wanted that back. From a health perspective sexual activity keeps you younger so there is much more at stake than just desire.

So the first step was to get her into a deep state of somnambulism and build her excitement about being able to orgasm again. This anticipation along with some minor sexual stimulation through hypnotic suggestion let her know that she was on the right track. I did not want her to have an orgasm without some physical stimulation despite it being possible to orgasm without any physical stimulation. This was important to rebuild the bonding with her husband that had eroded after surgery.

In subsequent sessions it was necessary to slowly train her mind to magnify the whisper back to a scream with each session returning more and more sensitivity. After about 5 sessions I told her to have her husband on standby after the next session.

After that next session she was to immediately have sex with her husband but not to do anything extreme with intense focus on having an orgasm, but to have sex the same way she did before surgery. About an hour later she reported by email that she had her first orgasm since surgery. She described the orgasm as 3 on a scale of 10.

Therapy continued a few more weeks as she honed herself and she eventually was reporting regular orgasms of 7 or 8 on the 10 scale. I asked her not to masturbate because I wanted to focus on orgasms during sex to make them more intense. She could return to masturbation after if she wanted but for the sake of the relationship just to avoid solo orgasms. When therapy ended she reported she was about 85 Percent back to where she was. I told her she could get to 100 percent after a few months, as it just required her to be more focused until it became natural without effort. I told her that follow-up sessions were and option to just tweak things if she wanted. About 3 months after the last session she sent me an email saying things were back to normal and thanked me for giving her life back.