Male Sexual Dysfunction Case 2

This case involves a 39 year old male from Taiwan who was suffering from extreme premature ejaculation. It was not just the normal heightened sexual sensitivity associated with premature ejaculation, his personal habits and behaviors contributed to making it worse.

This person worked in advertising and he was subject to regular deadlines in getting things out the door. He had the responsibility of putting together the final presentation that was gathered from his team members. However as he was a procrastinator, he regularly found himself up late at night finishing the project just hours before the morning deadline despite having everything ready for him days before.

So as he frequently found himself up after 1:00am finishing a project, trying to wind down to go to sleep was difficult. Normally it would take an hour to wind down before he fell asleep. So to speed up the winding down process he would masturbate to trigger the orgasm sleep reflex. The sleep reflex is part of the normal reproductive cycle. This is to allow the sperm to find the egg easier without needing to fight gravity as people tend to want to take a short nap after sex. However he had become exceedingly efficient at achieving and orgasm with the absolute minimum of masturbation. When he came to see me it took about 30 seconds from start to finish to achieve an orgasm.

So in summary his procrastination lead to behavior to compensate for his procrastination. The end result was when it was time to have sex, just putting a condom on would cause him to have an orgasm ending sexual activity right then and there. Ironically enough, this is more common than people would think. I have had other cases with very similar problem profiles.

So in this case the first step was not so much to end the hair trigger orgasm, but to bring an end to the procrastination as it was a major contributing factor. By doing this it would stop the need to continually train himself to achieve a fast orgasm so he could fall asleep quickly and get up for work the next morning with a bit more sleep.

So the suggestions dealing with procrastination were straight forward like having a better quality product as he would now have time to make tweaks and not just send it out saying ‘Good enough!’. He acknowledged that many times he sent out things that were not as good as they could be, but the deadline was looming and the was no time to do any modifications. Also that better quality work would eventually lead to fatter pay checks.

Once the procrastination was taken care of, he was seeing positive changes in his life in many places that he did not even expect. His stress level was much lower for one, and he actually had time to do things he enjoyed. That reinforced the positives of not procrastinating and made him look forward to the next step of dealing with being too physically sensitive to have sex.

At this point dealing with premature ejaculation was straight forward as most cases are. Giving hypnotic suggestions that allowed him to control how sensitive he was and also allowed him to decide when to have an orgasm. There was no other behaviors that were identified as additional contributing factors other than procrastination.