Habit Modification Case 1

This case involves a 40 year old male from Australia who had significant problems in his life from excessive procrastination. The procrastination was having a negative effect on his business, his health, and also his love life. The procrastination was causing many problems and also made small problems much bigger.

This person had his own business that involved providing tours, transportation, and lodging in a variety of countries around the world. He had a staff of several hundred employees that did the hands on client interaction. His job had evolved to tending to client complaints of one thing or another, and continue to grow the company.

At the time he came to see me the number of client complaints was growing very fast, and he was developing anxiety in trying to deal with a huge quantity of them. The anxiety was getting so bad he lost his desire for sex and that in turn was having a negative effect on his marriage causing even more anxiety. So as he originally came to me to deal with his anxiety, however that just turned out to be the effect. The cause was he was a procrastinator, and the quality of his corrective action fixes was very poor. He was just rushing through them without having time to put deep thought into them to do a proper fix. In short he was addressing the effect and not the cause.

So those shoddy corrective action fixes were causing other clients to complain as well thus snowballing his anxiety. So after discussion with him he agreed that we should deal with the procrastination first, and then after that was tended to we would see what else needed to be done.

Addressing procrastination with clinical hypnotherapy is straight forward and very effective. Hypnotic suggestions allow them to see the negative consequences of procrastinating, and the positive effects of getting things done quickly. The suggestions are specific for each person based on how procrastination is effecting their lives.

A one size fits all approach provides far less quality and focus, and that is why I deal with each issue head on. If a person wants a one size fits all approach, then they should be looking at buying a recording or attend a group session.

So in this case we spent about 2 sessions on ending his procrastination, and he was so pleased with the results, he wanted to address other issues he had. He had seen that the cause of client complains was his procrastination to begin with. He would put off minor maintenance work on some of his equipment that his clients noticed and complained about. For example a van window that did not close properly, so if it was raining people sitting near the window would get wet. Something like that could cause dozens of corrective actions to be filled out as each client’s complaint was addressed personally by him.

So he spent a solid week dealing with all the minor maintenance issues and that caused a sharp drop in the complaints he was getting. That resulted in his anxiety dropping and as a bonus his sex drive returned thus reducing the stress and anxiety from the home front.

In the end I got an email from him 6 months after therapy had finished, and he said his company was not only growing but was getting positive reviews from the people that do reviews. However his anxiety had been replace with a different anxiety. The new anxiety was related to how fast his company was growing and trying to stay ahead of the curve, and for him that was a good thing.