Female Sexual Dysfunction Case 2

This case involves a 39 year old female from Sweden who had suffered through a very abusive relationship with her now ex-husband. As a result of this abusive relationship she found it difficult to enjoy sex with new partners. At first she thought it was just one new partner and quickly moved on writing it off as bad luck in choosing men, but later discovered the problem was chronic.

For the most part this is a fairly classic profile in female sexual dysfunction cases. In some way the woman is traumatized and it is in some way related to sexual activity. Although the specific issues and events can be different, the underlying trauma is fairly consistent.

In this case her ex-husband had a drinking problem, and was easily angered when he started drinking. His abuse was always verbal and occasionally physical. In trying to be a good wife and now a new mother she endured this abuse hoping to find some way to have her ex-husband get help. Needless to say most if not all attempts were rejected by her ex-husband saying the problem was with her and not with him.

This abusive behavior eventually found it’s way into their sex lives where he would force himself on her when he was drunk and angry as a form of punishment. As she was not the least bit sexually aroused, sex was dry and painful leading to several internal abrasions.

This eventually caused an anxiety feedback reaction with her that resulted in her not being able to get sufficiently sexually aroused. There was always the fear sex would be abusive either deliberately or accidently. This fear carried with her to other partners as well after the relationship ended.

In this case as her fears as with all fears are rooted in the subconscious mind, so going directly to the problem is the best approach. Clinical hypnotherapy is focused on the subconscious mind and is the only method of therapy that does so. That is one of the reasons it works so fast. In this case all it took was 7 visits over 7 weeks. Comparatively using a conscious approach, the typical time needed is 4 times longer and also roughly 4 times as expensive as well.

After therapy she returned to what she remembers to be her normal and was very happy. About 2 months afterwards she also sent her 14 year old daughter to see me as well as she was emotionally damaged from seeing her father abuse her mother. Although the abuse was not of a sexual nature, there was enough other emotional damage there that could possibly be a problem when she looked to enter into her first relationship.